Ford ELM327 USB, ELM327 Bluetooth, ELM327 Wifi

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Windows requires device drivers to be installed first to be able to communicate with the diagnostic unit.

Drivers - Instructions - Software

I - Device Drivers (VCP):
This page contains the Virtual Com Port drivers available for all FTDI devices.

II - Direct link to installer:
Click this link to download and install FTDI device driver.

III - Driver installation help:
This page shows a table of all documents containing guides and their revisions. You can download these documents only in PDF format.

IV - Forscan Software:
You can download Forscan software for iOs, Android and Windows on this page. Remember to check compatibility before purchasing it. Note: the image below is the recommended setting on Forscan.

V - How to Obtain Forscan Extended License

1. Register for Forscan Forum and wait until you are accepted (may take a couple of hours depending on time zones):

2. Once accepted, log in with your user name and password.

3. Link to License generator is here:

forscan extended license

4. The link will take you here:

forscan extended license 2

5. Fill in the blanks, You will be requested a hardware ID. This is your computer ID as identified by Forscan. So, launch Forscan and find your ID as shown. Copy and paste to the web browser. Generate:

forscan extended license 3

6. Success! Please download License file to your computer. We suggest you download it to My Documents or Desktop. Reason for this is that Windows security is quite tight lately and you may have a hard time accessing this file later when you saved it to the default location in Systems folder. The license will still be available in Forscan Forum, you can download it again any time you want.

forscan extended license 6

7. Load License Key into Forscan app:

forscan extended license 7

8. SUCCESS! Forscan License is now Extended.

forscan extended license 8

VI - Forscan Licence (free) requires registration to Forscan Forum:
It's a forum that offers general information and support. You can also explore the experiences of other users on vehicle diagnostics, programming, configurations, and maintenance.

VII - ELMconfig page:

Software Packages Download link -- The computer will prompt that this file has been poisoned. Please ignore this prompt (because there is a .RAR file in the software, the computer will automatically prompt for poisoning files), continue to download please. You need to turn off the computer's anti-virus software before installing the software. Thanks.

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